Promotional Toolkit

The promotional toolkit will be updated soon with the new dates.

Promote your presence at the NANO.IL.2024 international conference & exhibition, to be held in Jerusalem on February 27-29, 2024.

Help spread the word about NANO.IL.2024:

Please find below promotional materials for the Conference, including:

  • Official NANO.IL.2024 banners
  • Social media posts
  • Whatsapp image file
  • Presentation template slides

We invite you to use the promotional materials to promote NANO.IL.2024 within your network, on social media platforms, and in lectures and meetings.

To download a file, click on it to open the file in full size, and then simply right-click on the image, choose “Save image as..” and then save it to your computer and then save it to your computer or click on the  button and then choose Download Image.

Official NANO.IL.2024 Logo and Banners

Official NANO.IL.2024 Logo and Banners

Join the conversation!

Use one of our social media graphics to spread the word about your participation at the conference. Be sure to use #NANOILCONF and tag @NanoILConference on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Participants / Delegates:

Facebook/Instagram Post

LinkedIn/Twitter Post


Facebook/Instagram Post

LinkedIn/Twitter Post

Example of Social Media Messages

Copy these messages below and share with your social media networks to help spread the word about #NANOILCONF. Remember to tag @NanoILConference in your posts.

Example 1:

Join me at @NanoILConference, 27-29 February 2024. Will you be joining? More information on the congress here  #NANOILCONF

Example 2:

I look forward to attending @NanoILConference in Jerusalem from 27-29 Feb’24. This highly acclaimed annual gathering will address materials, electronics, photonics, medical, defense, aerospace, semi-conductor and other emerging areas of nanoscale science and technology.


Example 3:

I am pleased to announce that I will be attending @NanoILConference taking place in Jerusalem, Israel, from 27-29 February 2024. Join me and other International and Israeli Experts to share knowledge of recent science and technology in the nano-scale.
Learn more:

Example 4:

Meet me at @NanoILConference in Jerusalem from 27-29 Feb’24. I’m excited to attend this conference led by Conference Chairperson, Prof. Danny Porath. Are you attending?

More about the conference:

Whatsapp Image File

Download the image and forward it to your friends and colleagues on Whatsapp.

Presentation Template Slides

Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint Presentation Template, including 3 different slides for editing and alternative marketing efforts.

Make your marketing efforts go further with these tips and tricks:

Tips for Promoting #NANOILCONF

  • Use the hashtag #NANOILCONF and mention/tag @NanoILConference to boost your post’s visibility.
  • Like and share posts from partners and speakers who will be participating #NANOILCONF
  • Share positive news about speakers and their work or articles relevant to #NANOILCONF

Keep Me Updated

Dear Friends of the Nano community, participants, presenters, and invited speakers,

After careful consideration and as a result of the ongoing security situation in Israel, we have decided that it is in the best interest of everyone involved to reschedule the event.

These are the new dates:

9-11 March, 2025 | ICC Jerusalem

We understand the impact this may have on your plans and appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hosting a safe and successful NANO.IL.2025.

* Please note – registered participants and sponsors: Paid registration and signed sponsorship contracts will be valid for the new dates as well.
Should you decide to cancel your registration or sponsorship, the fees previously paid will be refunded; however, we cannot guarantee the same rates for the new 2025 dates.


Prof. Danny Porath
Conference Chairperson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Meital Reches
Conference Co-Chairperson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Haim Rousso
Conference Co-Chairperson
El-Op former CEO

Mr. Rafi Koriat
Conference Co-Chairperson
Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative