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4-6 October, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

9-11 October, 2018
Jerusalem, Israel

Keep Me Updated

Dear Friends of the Nano community, participants, presenters, and invited speakers,

As you may know, the situation is Israel in quite complex these days. Israel has experienced a brutal attack on October 7th, in which 1400 Israelis were murdered, and about 240 babies, children, women, elderly and others were kidnapped to the Gaza strip. Israel is now fighting to return these hostages back and to verify that such an attack will never happen again.

We still plan to hold the NANO.IL.2024 conference as scheduled. Nevertheless, we will not hold the conference in a situation that may not be safe for our guests, either from abroad or from Israel. We do hope that within the coming weeks things will calm down.

We are constantly evaluating the developments and by early January we will decide and update you.

We hope that for now you can still keep the original dates and in case we postpone the conference, you will be able to attend at the new dates.

If you have any questions or wish to consult or discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.

Thank you and will stay in touch,


The chairman and the organizing committee,

Prof. Danny Porath
Conference Chairperson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Meital Reches
Conference Co-Chairperson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Haim Russo
Conference Co-Chairperson
El-Op former CEO

Mr. Rafi Koriat
Conference Co-Chairperson
Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative